How To Remove a Nail From Your Car Tyre

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First published: 29 December 2020 @ 8:45 pm

Many people may not be aware of this fact but when they get a nail stuck in their tyre, they are actually putting themselves at risk of having a dangerous situation where they have to remove the nail.

The nail can stuck from your daily basis drive activity. 

This can be very problematic as the person may not have the right tools or know how to remove it without doing harm to their vehicle.

Remove the nailhead by pulling it out with a pair of pliers. Pry the nailheads out of the rubber. If this is too difficult, you can use a tire iron to hammer out the nail. The tire iron should work to remove the nail and bend it into a position that will not puncture your tire again.

How do you remove a nail from your car tyre without any tools?

If both tire irons and pliers are not available, try the following.

How to remove a nail from your car tyre
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First, use a piece of wood to hammer the nail into a straight position that will not puncture your tire again.

Next, tie a rope around the nail and tie it to something sturdy like your car bumper. Start walking in one direction with the rope attached to your bumper.

This should pull out the nail without penetrating your rubber again. If this technique does not work, try using both feet to walk in opposite directions while pulling on the rope with both hands.

Does removing a nail from your car tyre damage it?

No, removing a nail from your car tyre does not cause damage to the rubber; however, if you use pliers or a tire iron on your tire too much, you can cause damage because of excessive pressure against the rubber when trying to pull out the nails.

Try finding the nail head first and that cause the tire damage. 

Can remove a nail from your car tyre cause an air leak?

Yes, if you try to remove a nail from your car tyre using pliers or a tire iron, you may cause the rubber to tear, causing an air leak. The tyre pressure can cause air leak when you pull out the nail.

If you concern that the air will blow hard, you can unplug the tire plug first and let the tire pressure come out through the tire plug.

It is necessary that you always carry tyre repair kit to be prepared for this kind of situation. Another thing you should prepare is spare tyre at least one. 

What are some benefits of using self-heating auto tire repair kits?

Self-heating auto tire repair kits work by allowing the heat from the sun to warm up a compound that melts and cracks open holes in the rubber. This allows for quick and easy repairs on your tires.

Self-heating auto tire repair kits also work well in cold climates where it is difficult to get out and manually repair tires. Self-heating auto tire repair kits are also cheaper than other types of auto repairs because they do not require special tools or experience.

Another thing that you need to pay attention to, is other sharp objects. Since there might be a possibility that your car run through other sharp objects as well, especially when you drive in maximum speed..

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