What is the Process of a Funeral in Indonesia?

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The funeral in Indonesia differs from that of other countries. In Indonesia, the death occurs, the corpse is prepared for a funeral, and then they conduct the funeral.

We may see the process as the start of a new phase in the life of a person. It also shows respect to their lives and their legacy to future generations.

What is the process of a funeral in Indonesia?

A funeral is called ‘kendur’ in Indonesia. It follows the local tradition of burying the dead and includes a purification ceremony in which the family and friends of the dead person pray for the deceased’s soul.

The wake, called ‘putra-putri’, is held for three days. During this time, the family of the deceased is not allowed to wash or cut their hair.

What should I know about death in Indonesia?

If a person dies in Indonesia, the family will need the assistance of a funeral company to arrange the burial. Before the funeral, the family will need to make decisions about the funeral rites and the type of grave.

What is the significance of the white cloth that is used during a funeral?

The white cloth is called the ‘kain putih’ and symbolizes purity and the purity of the soul. The purpose of this white cloth is to cover the coffin and the hands of the deceased.

What is the Process of a Funeral in Indonesia?
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What is the significance of the coffin?

The coffin is called ‘kotak’ in Indonesian. The size of the coffin depends on the person’s wealth. If the person was wealthy, the coffin would be bigger. If the person was poor, the coffin would be small.

The coffin is usually made from wood. The coffin can be decorated with an image of a lion (symbolising courage) or an elephant (symbolising resilience).

What about the flowers?

The flowers are an important part of the funeral. They are arranged like the image of a tree.

The flowers could be white, red, pink, yellow and purple. They are given to the family of the deceased.

Respecting the Deceased Through Funeral Ceremony

They perform the funeral process in Indonesia according to the culture of that community. The people who are close to the deceased can carry this process out.

The members of the family, friends, and acquaintances can perform it together.

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