Top 5 Fengshui Home Tips in 2021

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First published: 24 December 2020 @ 10:59 pm

Today we are going to discuss the Fengshui Home Tips in 2021. We will talk about the Fengshui tips for our home in 2021.

Top 5 Fengshui home improvement tips

1. Location, Location, Location!

It all starts from location analysis. For most of the homes in Malaysia, this is a very big factor. First of all you have to focus on the location. For those who own or buy a property from a suburb should choose a house among mid-town, main town or city area which they consider as a strategic location.

To know the best position for your locality using Fengshui home analysis tools such as Flying Stars Feng Shui Bagua map or compass methods and looking for correct San Sha (2) house facing direction and placing your entrance door at certain auspicious locations based on Fengshui living principles helps you get better wealth luck!

2. Colour and Display of Hanging Objects

If you own a house with Wood element in its current facing direction then put more colorful things inside your home. Do not put metal elements inside like wall mount swords and brass door knockers as it will create conflict between the elements in the property.

You can also use objects with wood element like smatterings of wooden framed pictures but keep away small size metal objects at least for now during this year 2016 especially among small children aged 4 – 16 years old else you will encounter playful children’s quarrels between themselves.

It is also better to use darker colored inserts like silverstone or black stone on your wall as it represents the Water element and it slows down the Wood element in its current facing direction.

Top 5 Fengshui Home Tips in 2021
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3. Monitor Doors and Windows

You can do this by having a Fengshui door and windows protection methods like hanging this purple colored Crystal Bat to create a barrier against unwanted evil which is useful for fengshui masters for centuries.

This also helps you protect yourself from pinching as it hexes every negative scary space such as toilets, kitchen, bedrooms, etc.

The most common place is to place it in each bedroom, study room or inside toilet/bathroom. Make sure you do not place a crystal bat at the back of main entrance door because this may cause the presence of ghosts at night or bad luck during day time when you are planning to do business.

It is better to use something else like this Chinese four face kuang shi protector instead which also fulfils its functions perfectly too!

4. Enhance Fire Energy

The best way to enhance your fire energy (wealth luck) is gaining clarity on what kind of obstacles you have for your personal wealth luck or for your company.

You should first of all look for the difference between elements such as fire and wood because these two may create quarrels inside your homes or business if they are too close to their home or office.

The proper way is by using metal objects that possess earth element such as this large high quality crystal elephant on the left and place it at certain strategic locations in order to balance the surrounding negative energies thus giving better protection from possible robbery.

5. Avoid South East Energy – Place Water Element Items

In order to avoid having too much trouble energy inside your home, it is best avoided from placing water element items in south east part of a house especially during this year 2016 which may cause loss within family businesses, companies plus flood problems in homes etc..

It is best to use plants with wood element during this year like small roses that can grow well even without sunshine if you have a corner window on your rooftop terrace!

Also just make sure you do not have any Water element inside bedrooms like fish tanks living room because it will definitely give headaches, insomnia and nightmares as it will aggravate the Metal energies especially if there are some more metal elements (bronze) placed around bedroom (dining room) like wall hangers, door knockers etc…

Don’t feel disheartened if your Fengshui Type is Metal as there are still ways to enhance your wealth luck without using metal objects. This can be done by using things with Wood element such as decorative vases and flowers which creates harmony between the elements in a house or garden!

We hope you like the Fengshui Home Tips in 2021. We will update this article if we get any new Fengshui tips for your home in 2021.

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