What are the Different types of Home Lifts?

How Do We Choose a Home Lift / Elevator?

First published: 19 January 2021 @ 6:34 pm

Do you know that there are various types of home lift? Before we dive into them, let’s get to know what a home lift is. Then, how do we choose a home lift/elevator?

A home lift or elevator, also known as floor lift, can make it easier to move between floors in your house. A platform lift can be installed in a garage, for example, or beside a staircase.

The device uses an electric motor to carry a wheelchair or scooter up and down or up the buildings for a certain number of people, depends on levels, power and energy of your choice of the lift limit.

Lifts have been around for decades, but they weren’t always as safe and convenient as they are now. In the past, lifting devices were connected directly to the ceiling with steel cables that hung from the ceiling.

It was difficult to get around these devices because they were so heavy and clunky. Platform lifts are significantly less heavy than their predecessors, making them easier to handle and install.

There are many type of lift such as hydraulic lifts (hydraulic elevators), vacuum lifts, and traction lifts (traction elevator). For these lift installations you should contact lift company.

Lift company will provide lift installations as well. Residential elevator can cause a considerable amount of maintenance costs, it is necessary for safety.

Home lifts are not only effective for individuals with physical disabilities; they’re also useful for those who simply need extra help to get around their homes. Most people will benefit by installing a platform if:

They suffer from mobility issues that make it difficult to climb stairs safely; or They have pets that cannot navigate steps without assistance;

They have limited access in their homes that makes it difficult or impossible for them to climb stairs without assistance; or Their homes have fewer than three floors;

They’re growing older and climbing stairs becomes more difficult over time; or Their loved ones want them to live independently with as little assistance as possible.

What are the Types of Lift / Elevator?

How Do We Choose a Home Lift / Elevator?
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Vertical Platform Lifts

These types of lifts are wall-mounted and use a motorized platform to carry the wheelchair into the house. The vertical platform is more affordable.

These types of lifts are wall-mounted and use a motorized platform to carry the wheelchair into the house. The vertical platform lift is generally more affordable.

Horizontal Platform Lifts

These type of lifts are floor-mounted and require a pit to be dug beneath the lift in order for it to operate.

They offer greater clearance, enabling wheelchair users to roll right through the doorway, which makes them ideal for entryways where stairs have been taken out or replaced with ramps.

Horizontal lifts are generally more expensive than vertical lifts but can be used in a wider range of homes.

What Should I Look for in a Home Lift / Elevator?

How Do We Choose a Home Lift / Elevator?
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Safety and Convenience

The best home lift has to be safe and convenient. It should be easy to install, use, and maintain. It should have features that make it comfortable to operate.

It should also have emergency back-up power in case the main power goes out.

User Reviews

If you’re considering a new lift purchase, check reviews online from other users who already own that you are considering purchasing.

You can get a feel for whether or not the product is easy to use and how well it performs over the long-term.

Where Will I Use the Lift?

If you plan to use your lift primarily inside the home, choose a vertical platform. If you plan to use it outside, choose a horizontal platform.

The type of access you have to your home will determine what type of lift is best for your needs.

If you have sufficient space in your garage, driveway, or another indoor area, we recommend choosing a vertical platform.

This will save on installation costs as well as space when it comes time to use the lift inside. These lifts are easy to install and they require less space than floor-mounted.

If you have little space in your garage or other indoor area, we recommend choosing a horizontal platform. Horizontal lifts can be installed in even small spaces and they do not require a pit (which can cost thousands of dollars) to be dug beneath the floor-mounted lift for installation purposes.

These types of home lift can be installed even if your entryway has been taken out by steps or replaced with ramps.

Horizontal lifts offer greater clearance than vertical platforms that make them ideal for wider doorways and staircases that are common in older homes where stairs have been taken out or replaced with ramps instead of stairs.

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