What are the Most Expensive Types of Flowers in the World?

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What are the most expensive flowers in the world?

Oleander Flower – The Oleander flower is native to the Mediterranean area. It is actually a poisonous plant.

Only 50 oleander flowers can kill a human being. It is also known for its shape and size.

Oleander flowers are small and has red and white stripes, like a candy cane, and it’s said to be one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. This makes it an expensive flower too. (USD $14 per stem)

12 Red Roses – 12 Red roses will cost you around USD $12 to USD $15 per bundle (USD $3 per rose). A dozen red roses would cost you around USD $50 to USD $60 (USD $4 per rose) if bought from a high-end florist in Singapore, Hong Kong or Thailand.

In major cities of US or UK, a dozen red roses costs USD $7-$10 (USD 0.5 per rose).

Brussels Sprouts – It may sound weird but brussels sprouts is also considered as an expensive flower because it costs around USD $95 for every 4 pounds!

In addition, it takes 2 years before you can harvest the sprouts.


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