What’s your Furniture Style?

What’s your Furniture Style?

First published: 25 January 2021 @ 7:24 am

What’s your Furniture Style?

Every one of us has a personal style. And your furniture says a lot about you. Here are the different styles of furniture you can choose from.

Rough-and-Ready – For the unkempt. This is for those who have no time to care for their furniture. They want to keep it simple and clean, but they don’t want to take the time to make it pretty.

Luxury – For those who have a high taste for luxury. You may be wealthy or you may just love that certain look. Either way, you love your furniture and you keep it clean and polished.

Natural – For those who want a rustic look. Your furniture is made of natural materials and looks as if it’s been around for years. This is perfect for the outdoorsy type or someone who wants something a little different than everyone else’s furniture.

Sparkling – For those who want their furniture to shine like new year’s eve. You like your furniture in tip-top shape, so you keep it polished and shiny at all times!

Which Style of Furniture Do You Like? We’d love to hear from you!

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