Why Choose a Sliding Door?

Why Choose a Sliding Door?

First published: 21 January 2021 @ 8:41 am

Why Choose a Sliding Door?

Sliding doors are like French doors in that they comprise two hinged panels that open in opposite directions. Still, there is one key difference: instead of swinging outward as a regular door does, sliding glass doors slide sideways across their border—hence their name.

People typically make them from tempered safety glass and come with an automated closer that quickly slides them together when someone exits through them, helping prevent accidents caused by people running into them (a common problem with standard hinged doors).

Why is Sliding Door Popular?

Sliding glass doors are popular because you can use them on interior and exterior homes without changing their appearance. In addition, if you have several sliding windows already installed throughout your house, you may not even need new hardware to install these doors.

They’re also quieter than traditional sliding patio screens and glass doors—

The noise is less noticeable because the sliding action is smoother than the motorized screen or glass patio/French patio sets. However, this does mean that they aren’t as secure as other types of sliding panels (this is especially true if someone tries jamming one closed).

Or, if you worry about security issues try to find doors with a mechanism that locks the sliding panels in place when you close them.

Where Can You Get Sliding Patio Doors?

Sliding patio doors are similar to sliding glass doors, except they are from tempered safety glass. They are also available in residential and commercial varieties, depending on what you’re looking for.

We typically equip them with an automated closer that quickly slides them closed when someone exits through them, helping prevent accidents caused by people running into them (a common problem with traditional hinged or sliding patio doors).

They sell some patio doors as part of a glass patio kit, which comes with its automated closer, but others are available as separate panels without a closer.

The ones without a closer rely on the friction between the panels and the door frame to keep them in place; if you force one board open, it will simply slide to the side while opening until the other panel catches up.

Can You Use Patio Doors in Interior Space?

You cannot use these patio doors in interior spaces because they don’t have a way to close automatically (and they’re not very secure).

You can buy commercial-grade patio door kits with their closers for use on an exterior space; these kits tend to be more expensive than their residential counterparts due to their increased quality but have all the same benefits.

If you’re going to use your sliding glass door as a room divider rather than just letting light in, you may want one with opaque panels or one made from frosted glass.

It is because it will allow you more privacy without blocking all-natural light completely—you can still enjoy sunlight during most times of the day while still being able to see people walking past through your window if necessary.

If you want total privacy from prying eyes, choose a clear set instead of a frosted or tinted one. However, remember that no matter which type you choose, anyone outside will be able to see the inside if they look directly at your window. It is because nothing is obstructing their view.

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