How to Choose the Right Kitchen Island?

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What is Kitchen Island?

Kitchen island is a multipurpose piece of furniture that acts as storage units when not in use as a dining table or countertop.

They provide extra space when cooking is necessary but there is not enough space within the cabinets for storing all types of cookware, dishes, pots & pans etc while also providing additional seating possibilities when required during meal preparation times or when entertaining guests at home.

The ability of each piece being able to serve multiple purposes within one single space makes them ideal additions into any type of interior style and design according to many homeowners worldwide.

The look of your kitchen plays a major role in determining the overall feel and look of the space. But even if you have a beautiful kitchen, your room is not complete without the right kitchen island.

How to Choose a Kitchen Island?

The selection of the best kitchen island largely depends on your needs and style. Most importantly, it needs to be functional enough to act as a multipurpose piece for cooking, cleaning and eating.

Kitchen islands come in different shapes, sizes and finishes to cater to your specific needs. They are available in different materials such as wood, metal and glass to give you a wide range of design options.

The size of the kitchen island also varies, from large ones for preparation to smaller ones for eating or storage purposes. In case you have limited space at home or simply want a compact piece for your small kitchen, then a small sized island would work perfectly for you.

Another important factor that determines the kind of kitchen island you buy is its style and finish. You need to decide whether you want one that matches the existing décor at home or buy one that complements it with its own unique style statement.

Wood and metal kitchen islands are available in many different styles – from the minimalistic to a more elaborate traditional style. Modern kitchen islands are available in a variety of finishes ranging from natural wood finishes to painted colors.

You can also choose from a range of styles such as industrial, rustic, modern or traditional depending on your personal taste and the overall feel of your space.

The last thing you need to consider before buying the right kitchen island for you is its intended usage. Some islands serve as cabinets while some others are solely for dining tables.

Make sure that you buy an island that serves both purposes – storage and preparation. It is also crucial to check how much space you have at home before purchasing a large sized kitchen island that might not fit in your kitchen space effectively.

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Island?
How to Choose the Right Kitchen Island?

The Most Common Types of Kitchen Islands

Wooden Kitchen Island

These islands are available in different types of wood like oak, cherry, maple, teak & pine. They can be very attractive in appearance and make a great addition to any type of kitchen design.

You can also style them in a number of ways to match your existing décor and style at home. They also come in a number of sizes to suit your overall space requirements at home. A wooden island is perfect as a kitchen countertop or for storage purposes.

Glass Kitchen Island

these islands are made from tempered glass and are available in many different colors and finishes. They can be used for cooking, storage and dining purposes and are usually placed in the middle of a kitchen to act as a focal point.

The glass top on these islands can also serve as a serving countertop when hosting guests at home. You can also find many glass kitchen islands that double up as coffee tables or dining tables to make it easier for you to entertain your guests at home.

Metal Kitchen Island

metal kitchen islands are available in different types of metal like stainless steel, copper, bronze & brass. They are usually designed in an industrial style with unfinished edges for a more appealing look.

You can use them as countertops to prepare food or place items on while cooking. Many of these islands double up as storage units for pots, pans, plates & other kitchen essentials that you need to keep handy at all times during meal preparation.

Some metal kitchen islands even include pullout drawers that make it easier for you to store all types of kitchen essentials right on the island itself without taking up any unnecessary space inside your cabinets at home.

Rattan & Wicker Kitchen Island

These types of kitchen islands are made from natural materials like rattan or wicker that have been hand woven together by artisans using traditional methods and techniques passed down through generations over the years.

These rattan & wicker pieces make a great addition to any type of room thanks to their unique design and antique appeal. People often associate their antique appeal with history and family memories over the years.

It is important to note that they usually contain natural elements like bark fibers which might not suit some people’s taste preferences while others might think they add a sense authenticity right into their home décor style making them look warm and welcoming overall.

You can use the rattan & wicker kitchen island to prepare meals and serve guests at home and to keep all your kitchen essentials like cutleries, spices, kitchenware etc.

Coordinated Kitchen Island

many of these islands are available in sets with coordinating pieces like stools, chairs and tables that make it easier for you to find the right furniture pieces for your kitchen.

These island sets often come with different stools depending on their purpose – breakfast, dining or a bar stool. They also come in different finishes and styles making it easier for you to find the right set that matches the overall look of your kitchen easily.

You can use these island sets as a multipurpose piece for preparing food, serving guests, or just relaxing. Many of these island sets are available in affordable price ranges making it easier for you to purchase them without breaking your bank.

Flexible Kitchen Island

Some of these islands are available in flexible designs that allow you to adjust their position within your home depending on your overall requirements at any particular point of time.

They are also very easy to install and remove, making them a convenient addition to any home décor.

You can move these flexible islands from one room to another extremely easily. Whether you want them as a countertop in the kitchen or the dining area, it’s up to you.

This allows you to cater to all your needs while keeping things flexible enough. It’s so that you don’t have any issues when moving them around after the installation.

How much does it cost in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia?

In Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia, the price of the Kitchen Island varies depending on style, material, and finish. You should also note that the cost of this particular furniture piece is dependent on the design and size.

In Singapore, you can get a cheap kitchen island from as low as S$129.99 in IKEA. While in Manila, Philippines, a mid-priced kitchen island can cost around Php 7500 – Php 15000.

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, you can buy a mid-priced kitchen island for around RM 250 – RM 500. Meanwhile, a cheap one costs around RM 100 – RM 300 in average.

You can buy a mid-priced kitchen island for around Rp 899,000. Meanwhile, a cheap one costs around Rp 219,990 in average in Jakarta, Indonesia, according to our research.

In summary, the price of a kitchen island depends on its style, material and finish. It is important to note that some of the cheaper brands might not be as durable.


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